Black list of clients for rental apartments in Minsk

In our opinion, there is a need to share information about dishonest, deceiving, and insolently behaved clients between landlords of apartments for daily rent in Minsk. Of course, the situations are completely different, and for over-emotional person may be hiding a sincere and decent person. Thus, we always try to find a compromise and do so to meet the needs of our clients.

But there are just such cases where it is impossible to find an explanation and justification of deceitful and calling behavior of people with whom we have to face. So we have decided to get a black list of customers, to warn our partners and competitors who lease apartments for rent in Minsk.

Topping the list Egor Smirnov from Moscow, Russia. He and his friends (two couples) had a rest in a three-room apartment in Minsk on New Year’s Eve in 2012. As a result, they slipped a chair in the living room of some paint, which can not be restored, and hid this fact from the owners of the apartment when they returned the keys.

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2 Responses to Black list of clients for rental apartments in Minsk

  1. sergelius says:

    I think due to the influx of eastern (Russian) tourists we need to think in the direction of tightening the options of SETTLEMENT RULES AND STAY RULES. These people cling to any inaccuracies or fines which are not specified when checking or booking. Where the average person is able to compromise, a Russian tourist (I’m not generalizing, but the percentage is higher) is an absolutely unnecessary in their stubbornness and for him it is not so important. But it should put the squeeze on! They are themselves always so! Sorry for the abundance of words.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, it really hurts for our brotherly nation – Russians, but we are also regularly confronting with such cases. Personally, I do not claim that Russians are at the top of our “black list”! Just the flow of Russian tourists (especially from Moscow) has increased in the last year significantly. But in general we were lucky with our Russian guests!

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